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Noflix !

Luckily this price $ doesn't effect me at all. I can't seem to get into any new series or movies, let alone pay. I sorta watched WEEDS some years ago... but even that I took out from the local library.

If I needed to, just bought DVDs over the years of my fav films, TV. I also rented, borrowed the tapes, discs, etc. The ones I haven't seen yet, I catch online now, like free movies on YouTube is great. I re-watched War Games and saw Teen Wolf. Sat through half of Six Pack with Kenny Rogers. (It got kinda silly mid-way) but its free who could complain?

I was a small kid in the 80's, so I do enjoy that nostalgia feeling and 80s spirit, that aura and energy pop culture and people had back then. It feels like THAT is how life is still supposed to be, but isn't. I guess I was spoiled in my kid years...

I do feel like lately some things have drawn from the past again, which is nice to see.... like people don't just bash but respect the 1980's again and all decades. Back in the 1980's people borrowed from 60's. In 90's people wanted to be like the 70's but pretty much flunked it. It's obvious I always held the 80's close in memories or personal tastes. Just avoid the extra-crispy hair in late 80s.

Now at least anything goes like a mix of every decade lol, kinda confused but with some potential. TV and clothes got better... from early 2000's anyway lol.


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We in india get Netflix Standard HD (one screen) for Rs.349 ($4.68) a month.


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If you want up to 4K you also have to have 4 users, it was interesting they cut streaming quality this year but not prices - Going to have to start charging others that use my account - Netflix still the best streaming platform for me, but they starting to push their luck :):)

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No surprise, prices aren't going to drop for Netflix or anything else. Netflix is ok, 90% is crap but I pay for it for the 10% I enjoy. I do not rewatch tv shows or movies, new material only, however, I do enjoy movies from the 1930's to 60'S.


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I'll never spend a nickle on Disney+ but it might have a couple shows I want to see. I've been with Netflix since they were slinging dvd's but this is reminding me of the cable price wars all over again. Especially if each streaming service has 1 or 2 must see TV shows. I'm waiting on AT&T to buy out one of these streaming services so they can bundle everything together :p.


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this is reminding me of the cable price wars all over again. Especially if each streaming service has 1 or 2 must see TV shows.
Precisely! Our OTA channels are very limited. We stream exclusively. Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Hulu Live, but it's all starting to add up. I tell the wife that we could survive nicely with just the first 3 and switch to basic Hulu. She won't have it.🥺

Digmor Crusher

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I quit Netflix back when they raised it from $7 to $8 for each streaming and DVD. It's too expensive now but a lot of people in the US get it free through their phone plans.
Its like from $10.00 to $18.00 a month, far from expensive, most people waste more than that in coffee per week. For that amount you can spend hundreds of hours per month watching, what's cheaper?? I can go out to the bar and spend a years worth of Netflix in one night.:emoji_beer:


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I guess Netflix is a great option if you live outside the United States. But in the US there are better streaming services. You can combine Hulu and Disney+ for the price of a Netflix subscription. My problem is not quality. It's that they like to cancel/discontinue everything I like. lol