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This is the one I've been using for awhile.

Based on @Evjl's Rain testing, independent security testing, and speed tests using DNS Jumper, I decided it was the best combo of speed and security for me.

But something changed in the last 24 hours...


Multiple known sites are coming back with this.

I changed DNS and the websites then rendered correctly.

Don't know if there is something that has fundamentally changed with Neustar, or if something just is off temporarily.

In the meantime, I'm using Quad9.

And we'll see what happens with Neustar.


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On Comodo forum I read that Comodo acquired Neustar.
What a great news! :rolleyes:

does not load for me... just 3 pulsing dots.
It worked for while, now it does not, probably changing branding, that is more important than a reliable DNS service. Edit: Now it does again. :confused: