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Is this product better than Malwarebytes 3.0 Anti Ransomware?
If the behavior analysis of RansomFree remains stagnant thus MBAR has an edge for this.

However once the scenario change, for sure RansomFree is a good alternative due to Behavior Analysis.

Relying on Behavior Analysis will take a lot of time for perfection cause everything may based from scratch production.


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How about using Ransomfree + MBRFilter :cool:
If anyone can perform a review for this combo, I will be highly appreciated
MBRFilter, if it works, should solve the issue of petya protection.
But there are still 2 other major holes in ransomfree protection:
1 while it is protecting the C drive, other drives can get encrypted
2 it will only protect against malware that searches out and encrypts files in logical order. But if the malware is smart, and it can identify high-value data in order to target it first, then your data is toast.


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It installs a driver, but doesn't give you control over it.
If you try to perform any operation that affects MBR, it will probably get blocked, and if you are lucky enough to remember that you have this driver, you will have to go and uninstall it.
It probably registers a callback to restrict write access to the MBR via FltRegisterFilter - maybe I will analyse and check next week.


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Just tested with Cerber.
Created 2nd partition and add same folder and files inside like the one on the desktop.
Files are:
  • jpg
  • png
  • excel
  • pdf
  • word
  • txt
Files on Z: drive are encrypted :mad:

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CTB-Locker same results:
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So other drives not protected. This software is good for me since I have only one C: in my MS SP4 and, best of all, it works on behavioral and proprietary techniques without malware signatures! Another tool for my sig-less arsenal.

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