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Hi all

New Avast Beta version 18.6.2346

Hi everyone,

new beta version 18.6.2346 (build 18.6.3956) is released.

New Features
  • Migration of Secureline VPN addon to stand-alone SecureLine VPN app
    • VPN addon is not offered during clean AV install anymore
    • If user has VPN addon licensed, then it's automatically switched to standalone VPN, otherwise the addon is uninstalled. The user can install easily standalone VPN anytime later from AV user interface
  • DND mode - Basic setting available in Components
  • TLS 1.3 scanning support in Web Shield
    • Full support in Firefox
    • Chrome only with Draft 28
    • Internet Explorer, Edge do not support TLS 1.3
What was fixed
  • Fixed occasional DNS resolve time-outs
  • Fixed issues with loading of sites using EV certificate
  • DND mode - "new app added" toaster does not appear in some
Known issues
  • DND mode - maximize performance option is enabled after DND mode disabled in single app
  • DND mode - not working correctly in Edge browser
  • DND mode - 3rd party app notification could not be blocked at very first attempt
Download links:

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.


New Beta version 18.6.2346

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