New Avast version 20.8.2432


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Oct 25, 2014
Hi all

New Avast version 20.8.2432

Hi all, please welcome the newest version of Avast AV: 20.8 (20.8.2429)
*Update: Oct-07-2020 upon applying new service-pack, current version number is 20.8.2432*

Here are our biggest improvements:

Improved accessibility - Our interface is now better suited for impaired users
  • Safer web browsing - Web Shield now supports scanning for threats in Google’s QUIC protocol
  • Friendlier CyberCapture - If you stumble upon a file we can’t identify, CyberCapture can send it to our ThreatLabs for a detailed analysis. We’ve updated this entire process to make it easier than ever
  • Better Remote Access Shield - Not only do we now support Windows’ Samba protocol, we’ve also added logs to show all remote connection attempts to your computer. (Avast Premium Security only)
  • Firewall recognizes VPNs - Firewall now knows when you’re using our VPN and won’t classify this as an unknown network. (Avast Premium Security only)

And here are just some of the 100+ issues we also fixed:
  • Stomped a pretty nasty UI bug that made AV pop up randomly
  • Edge case fixed where Password Protection didn’t recognize supported browsers
  • Text encoding of an exclusion created from detection dialog
  • Shredder can now properly shred read-only files
  • Fixed service crashes that happened when uninstalling the Wi-Fi Inspector component
  • Remnants of configurations are now properly stored in the registry (instead of avast5.ini)
  • Firewall no longer blocks ping (this was an edge case)
  • Fixed the excessive memory usage of process monitor caused by Behavioral Shield hooking
  • Fixed OS boot problems when running smss.exe as virtualized
  • Plugged a memory leak in RegistryChangeWatcher
  • Fixed aswToolsSvc.exe initialization issues upon version update and before OS restart
  • Fixed serviceDLL monitoring and removal
  • Repair action now properly fixes hooklib.dll
  • Remote Access Shield detection window no longer appears if you’ve disabled its notifications in Settings
How to install:

1. Update from your existing Avast version via Settings -> Update -> Update program
2. Or you can download and install files:

Online installers (recommended):
Offline installers:

As usual, a very big thanks to everyone involved! Enjoy.

With best Regards