From Emsisoft
Team Emsisoft is proud to announce the official launch of Emsisoft Cloud Console, a web based-platform for centrally monitoring and managing Emsisoft’s endpoint protection products.

Using Emsisoft Cloud Console, security administrators can deploy protection, manage device settings, enforce team policies and permissions, run malware scans, monitor protection status, respond to alerts, analyze forensic logs and review security reports.

Full announcement: New Emsisoft Cloud Console for SMBs and MSPs available now | Emsisoft | Security Blog

While the Cloud Console is mainly built for businesses with larger numbers of devices, some of the folks here who manage the antivirus of their relatives and friends may find this very useful too.

It's free and can be used with all Emsisoft protection products for Windows. Give it a try at https://my.emsisoft.com

Please let me know what you think about it.


Level 15
This is actually awesome, some of us have real beef for a web dashboard/console and so far I was using SHP for family PCs purely due to the web dashboard, even though I wasn’t too happy with the product.

Time to take a look into EmsiSoft products


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Yes, this is awesome. I got Emsisoft yesterday and already the Cloud Console is one of my favorite features. Super super simple to remotely not just for managing family/relatives’ PCs but also for those random ones we have lying around that aren’t our primary machines.
Is the config from the cloud console as granular as the local one ( including BB ) ?


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Almost but not 100%

Locally you get a process list which lets you right click existing processes and modify their BB rules more easily. Remotely you need to write an explicit path.

But that also means that the Cloud Console cannot be abused remotely to violate your privacy by snooping on what you have running, etc.
Thanks for this, I'm super happy with WD in terms of protection, it may even be the best product in terms of protection, for a single machine can't beat it imo with with GPO hardening, the only pita is managing many PCs some of them being remote ( for that I use Sophos ).

I'll probably switch to either Symantec or Emsisoft as they both look very decent and have a cloud console.