New Horabot campaign targets the Americas


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Aug 17, 2014
  • Cisco Talos has observed a threat actor deploying a previously unidentified botnet program Talos is calling “Horabot,” which delivers a known banking trojan and spam tool onto victim machines in a campaign that has been ongoing since at least November 2020.
  • The threat actor appears to be targeting Spanish-speaking users in the Americas and, based on our analysis, may be located in Brazil.
  • Horabot enables the threat actor to control the victim’s Outlook mailbox, exfiltrate contacts’ email addresses, and send phishing emails with malicious HTML attachments to all addresses in the victim’s mailbox.
  • The banking trojan can collect the victim’s login credentials for various online accounts, operating system information and keystrokes. It also steals one-time security codes or soft tokens from the victim’s online banking applications.
  • The spam tool compromises Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook webmail accounts, enabling the threat actor to take control of those mailboxes, exfiltrate their contacts’ email addresses, and send spam emails.

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