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Before everyone start freaking out and dumping CCleaner, what AVAST's internal investigation uncovered is that the original compromised binary had more stages to it. Meaning, unless you are using that old compromised binary, this doesn't affect any of you. They also uncovered that CCleaner network was compromised. Gives that CCleaner wasn't security focused company, I'd say migrating their stuff to highly secure environment of avast! gives confidence that they've done it properly and ditched all the old stuff (and inspected it).

I frankly see no reason to dump CCleaner. It was highly targeted incident that could happen to any non-security focused company. Saying that's not true just means you're highly ignorant. Piriform was a small company, even if they kept security basics in check, they cannot possibly have the infrastructure, resources or competence that avast! has as a decades old security firm. That's just a fact.
Agreed. I use Wise Disk cleaner because it has been working better but I also still have Ccleaner.


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I just think there are better alternatives to Ccleaner, and always have.

Remember, back in June/July range when my APT appliance triggered off warnings on Ccleaner I dumped Ccleaner and my Agomo subscription. I didn't notify Ccleaner because that's not my job and I would probably have to go through endless 'it's a false positive, we're secure' bullshit arguments with them like I always do. So, after those APT indicators it went away.

But the reality is, there are better solutions anyway.


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I tried Wise product. But I noticed that it had a problem cleaning the recycle bin(and perhaps other stuff but I didn't bother to check extensively) on SUA account. It worked fine on an admin account however.