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Madden NFL


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New member here. Been trolling around the forums for a while never registered before. I've always been a do it yourself tech researcher kind of guy. From IPhone to Android to PC to Mac and so on. I consider myself the jack of all trades I guess. Not really a master of anything because I go through phases on what interests me. Like 3-4 years ago I was all about IPhone jailbreak and tweaking than to android. About 3 weeks ago my twitter was hacked overnight and assumed it was a keylogger. Than a few days later a paypal login occurred. After countless scans with various tools I think everything has been cleared. There was 3-4 PUP type invasions I found. So this got me motivated to get back into PC security and optimization. I lost track of the new world of threats. Back in years past viruses, etc were not nearly as advanced and didn't know there are possible threats in everything now from adds, flash, anything. Looking forward to updating my brain, lol.

Thanks in advance community


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