no full cleaning of infection!

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Aug 5, 2012
I used to get some materials in pen drive from my friends who stay in hostel in my college.Their computers are fully infected.What happens when any pen drive is inserted in them is that many types of files (for example folders,video,mp3 and not MS word) are inserted in a folder of same name and their size is displayed as 1KB i.e.) they are shown as shortcuts!When I insert it in my computer Kaspersky (fully updated) detects and removes them..What I find irritating is that the infected files are still in shortcuts and I have to double click them and windows will warn something like "some .js file not found" and the original files will be displayed in a new window! Then I have to cut all the files and create a new folder and insert them :angry: :angry: :angry: Look How tedious it is! Is this the same behavior for other antiviruses also i.e.)cleaning viruses but not restoring the files to previous form/location????


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Mar 8, 2013
You should use MCShield for cleaning infection

Before plugging USB, disable Crapspersky, because he will interfere with MCShield


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Mar 15, 2011
Shortcuts especially .lnk are primarily viruses which transferred from one infected system, the best way is to disable autoplay and scan it.

Or the best way if nothing works is to reformat everything.

Cause viruses mutated on legitimate files then sooner everything affected.
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