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I'm a long time Comodo Firewall user. ESET looks nice but I've never used that antivirus .

So, if I want to have a strong protection, Which combo should I choose: ESET NOD32 v.10 with Comodo Firewall or ESET Internet Security v.10?.



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ESET AV has HIPS, while CFW has HIPS, last I tried they didnt get along but that was in V6 of ESET.

I haven't used Comodo products since the move to version 6.

I personally do not like ESET's firewall.


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Well configured, ESET IS will give a great protection. You can set HIPS to learning mode for 2-3 weeks, then set to interactive mode. Then every alert from HIPS you will have to consider as a possible danger. Firewall can be set to learning mode too and when you open all apps that need internet connection, you can set to interactive mode too.


If you will configure Comodo Firewall properly, you do need an AV! (Please understand this first)
So you do not need to pay to ESET just for an Antivirus.
If you are using Wİndows 8 or higher, no need to 3rd party antivirus. Windows Defender already set and gives your a real-time protection, without false positives.
If you are using Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast Free Antivirus will be a good choice for AV.
These antiviruses detects many and if something escape, we have CFW :cool:
Keep your money in your pocket and buy yourself a beer! ;)


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Hi the problem with windows defender is high memory and very high cpu usage with continual disk usage,just my 2 cents ,I like the new eset v10.


If you do not want to pay, full suite of Comodo is fine for average user.
Actually this is my setup but people still love in detections :rolleyes: So I suggest CFW first then any AV you want..Comodo always there to cover its little AV's weaknesses


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CIS is more on complex configuration process meanwhile ESET IS already make your operation easier due to practical detection capabilities.

The Firewall and HIPS of ESET are worth to look; the configuration can considered as straightforward.

Still its up to you, tweak the product base on your view for the system.


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I would have to go with Emsisoft AM+SpyShelterFW (inlcludes a very strong HIPS and anti-logging) as it offers top notch security and is very light on resources which I can't say the same for Comodo which took a pretty heavy toll on my system. Of the two I would go with Emsisoft IS..Just don't care for Comodo that much anymore.