Nokia is Making A Phone With A QWERTY Keyboard

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Nov 17, 2016
BlackBerry has spent the last few years trying to convince consumers that QWERTY keyboards on phones are NOT dead. Sales figures indicate that most aren’t listening, sadly. But HMD was, apparently, and it’s gearing up to release one of its own under the Nokia brand.

The handset, which doesn’t have a name as yet, is known under the model number TA-1047 and has just received FCC clearance. Not only that it’s also passed through the required Bluetooth certifications as well. And this can mean only one thing: a launch date is near.

Don’t get too excited though; this QWERTY Nokia phone sounds very much like a feature phone. The display, a 3.3in setup, will possess a resolution of just 480x480 – which is very, very low. Even for a feature phone.

The unknown Nokia QWERTY phone will feature Qualcomm’s 205 CPU and it will run KaiOS.

The handset is expected to launch at MWC 2018, alongside HMD’s new Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9.

Will this QWERTY handset be aimed solely at China like the revamped Nokia 3310 with 4G? Or does HMD have bigger plans for its QWERTY-based smartphone?

God knows, but with those specs, one thing is definitely clear – it’ll be cheap as chips when it does eventually surface.


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Jul 27, 2015
Reminds me of Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro.