None of the tips offered removes safefinder in safari - help please

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Stubbornly defies all attempts to remove it


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Mar 27, 2021
I just found this thread, and made an account here to say that I also have this problem.

I had it removed yesterday after many hours and trying everything I read in over 10 various posts/threads/blogs/articles/videos. And then I started up and logged in to my mac today and it was back in safari! I couldn't believe it.

I will try to list all the things I did yesterday.

Deleted "safefinder app in applications folder"
Deleted All Safari Extensions
Cleared Safari History & Cache
Checked for System Preferences profiles
Checked that the SOCKS PROXY was not on (this was apple tech support suggestion in a thread)
deleted various .plist in system folders (all the various ones applicationsupport,daemon launch,
did a scan with malware bytes
Did a scan with Bitdefender (found some things and removed them, cant say if it was the safefinder issue)

What is insane about this issue is that there are so many different solutions and suggestions posted all dating as far back as 2015, and those obviously worked for some people and for many it did not. Seems like this malware has been evolving over the years and non of the past suggestions will work.

My only hope is to work directly with someone who knows what they are doing and I can test out there step by step suggestions

Many thanks in advance for anyone here that can shed some light on this.

My home page on safari goes to the safefinder search site. I can't change the homepage it is grayed out. Yesterday it was fine and I was able to change it and thought I was past this, but I guess something remained in the system that re installed it?