Software to Compare
Norton 360
Bitdefender Total Security
  1. Most Features
  2. Core protection (AV engine, Heuristic engine)
  3. Internet protection (Web filtering, Anti-Phishing, Antispam, Browser extension)
  4. Proactive protection (Behavior blocker, HIPS, Sandbox)
  5. Network protection (Firewall, Botnet protection)
  6. Ransomware protection
  7. Machine Learning and A.I. capabilities
  8. Privacy protections (VPN, Anti-Tracking)


Level 30
Content Creator
Malware Tester
Nothing really different to me. Actually still has the same bug where game mode starts when Battlenet or the Epic Game Store are running. Which they say is not reproducible. Oh except they took out the optimizers and safe files. I hated the optimizer and like safe a wash.
Safe Files was indeed interesting... Optimizer was snake oil. But not really a big loss though. I am still looking forward to the day they release an Application Control module. That's the day I'll say BitDefender surpassed Kaspersky.

low L!fe

Level 6
- Lightness: Bitedefnder
- Protection:Both
- Privacy (GDPR):Both
- Price:Bitdefender
- Functions :Both

i go to Bitdefender beacause norton is very false positive and heavy.
but norton is stronger than bitdefender.