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Oct 9, 2016
Yup, the cheapest version without other impressive features like VPN, Dark Web Monitoring, Parental Controls etc I have dedicated VPNs and Bitwarden Password Manager. I'll think of using free cloud backup later.

After much checking my thinking is to set up Norton AntiVirus Plus to protect against ransomware as follows:

Norton has excellent malware, hacking and ransomware protection. It depends on its strong multi-layered protections to detect/block/remove ransomware just like ESET and Kaspersky. However, it does NOT have ransomware remediation/encrypted files rollback (ESET, Panda and Kaspersky too) unlike BitDefender Total Security, Avast Premium Security, Webroot, ZoneAlarm etc.

Given the fact that no AV/AM will 100% protect against ransomware many top notch AV/AM as mentioned do come with encrypted files rollback/remediation feature. Even with such a feature will restore/rollback missed some files?

So, going in that line of thought, using the strength of each software to cover the weakness in the other software

For encrypted files rollback
=> Use NeuShield Data Sentinel for files rollback

For removable drives
=> Use Macrium Reflect Home to backup and protect removable drive's backups. Restore only for last resort if Norton and NeuShield Data Sentinel both fail

For cloud backup
=> Use NeuShield Data Sentinel to protect cloud drive


1) Macrium do NOT have cloud backup
2) Backup to removable drives can be done using Norton or Macrium Reflect Home. Norton do not protect the backups on removable drives
3) NeuShield Data Sentinel has Cloud Drive Protection. Integrated protection for files on MS OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and
4) NeuShield Data Sentinel works with fixed drives only
5) Whether using NeuShield Data Sentinel or any AV/AM if the folder/file is not protected by it then ransomware encryption will occur

Any input is welcome

Additional Info

If I'm not wrong the 1st year subscription for Norton is cheap, However, subscription for following years is very expensive
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