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Yes, cause SONAR and their Engine are detecting mostly with Cloud.
SONAR is almost completely cloud based.
If the review owner runs those remaining samples when he is offline, he will be infected. Am I right ? Because SONAR catched them


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What's problematic is that the samples have already been on the computer. They haven't entered the computer through a threat gateway like the browser, e-mail program or removable media. Though I have never used Norton, I think its protection is much more aggressive when potentially malicious files are downloaded with the browser etc.


Good review, Norton is very good :)

Norton default setting or SONAR Max ?

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I have been a Norton user since 2009. I think Norton Security 2015 will be a good product but there is no way I'm paying $80 for multi license or $50 for a single license. Since they also lied and told me that I could migrate my old license to the new product and then pulled a bait and switch saying I had to purchase their new product, I am done. Greed might just be their undoing.
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