NortonLifeLock to Buy Avast for as Much as $8.6 Billion


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Feb 23, 2018
GData and ESET, F-secure are also still alive and kicking.
G-Data is very stable and has a very good BB, a good machine learning engine (deepray) and firewall. F-Secure has a great BB engine. Eset has the best signatures in industry and the second best advanced heuristics (only kaspersky has a little better heuristics that can fight new malware), a good machine learning engine, an IPS system, a very customizable program, an HIPS (that with granular rules improve very much indeed), a ransomware engine that is improving this year. BB engine and protection agains unkown malware need and will improve. For the next version they will keep improving, i can bet on that ;)


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Jun 21, 2020
Except Bitdefender which is still half european half american as far as I remember.
Oh? I thought it was still fully European, with the founder still being the main shareholder. :unsure:

Edit: Tried to do some research into it, and it seems that the British fund Vitruvian has a 30% stake in Bitdefender. Still European, just not the in the way most people expect.
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Jun 24, 2016
Y'all guys remember the discussion we had a while ago, when Microsoft Defender started taking over the business? We agreed on something back then: in order to compete, antivirus companies would have to unify or merge. It's happening. Norton has acquired a huge database with all the antivirus companies they've bought, and it's because Microsoft is eating them all. I believe Windows 11, when stable, will kill a few more security companies.


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Jul 25, 2021
Avast is an antivirus full of bugs (just look at how many updates are released every week), average protection, the only advantage that Norton saw and did buy it is the number of clients, this will be advantageous for Norton owners
Ah yes, you're right. Avast is banned permanently from my systems since when corrupted the Windows 10 Start menu, Cortana, and all the processes bound to Windows 10 UI, and I had to clean install everything.

So, as someone here said, Norton acquired Avast (and AVG) only for their customers.

But I would prefer if Norton just stick which one product instead ok keeping all of them separated.