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Apr 24, 2016
I’ve received numerous complaints via email, social media, and forums regarding a website that poses a significant threat to our community. The site in question is which appears prominently when users google for “download Notepad++”.

Some users have mistakenly believed that is the official Notepad++ website. This confusion has led to frustration and potential security risks.

Despite declaring itself an “unofficial fan website created for general information/educational purposes only”, this site harbors a hidden agenda. It is riddled with malicious advertisements on every page. These advertisements aim to deceive unsuspecting Notepad++ users into clicking on them, generating profits for the site owners.

The true purpose of becomes evident when we recognize that it seeks to divert traffic away from the legitimate Notepad++ website, By doing so, it compromises user safety and undermines the integrity of our community.

Action Needed: Report the Parasite Site​

We urgently request your assistance in reporting this malicious website. By doing so, you contribute not only to the protection of the Notepad++ community but also to the preservation of a safe internet environment for all users.

Please use the following link to report (to Google) as a harmful site:
Report malicious software

Your vigilance matters. Let’s stand together to safeguard our community and maintain a secure online ecosystem.

Thank you for your prompt action.
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May 29, 2023
I don't see any ads there thanks to uBO. :).
uBO blocks only a few things (not necessarily malicious):


When clicking on the "Download Notepad++" button there, it just redirects me to the legitimate :unsure:
And there are ads as well:



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Apr 4, 2021
Eset is already blocking the site as a site with uncertain reputation. As always Eset is one of the first to respond for submissions. :)

In general the site is harmless, I think that Notepad++ developer first of all doesn't like that his fame is being stolen, moreover for him Notepad++ has long become a platform for political statements (although I usually agree with him), and here he is deprived of a direct tool for interaction with the audience. In general, the practice of simply inserting ads on someone else's product is a bad practice, it also creates a vector for attack, because today they make a redirect for downloading to the official site, and tomorrow they will substitute their own link - this is dangerous for such mirrors.

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