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It is no longer a BETA = :)
It is no-longer free = :(
I think I know what happened.

Did you updated the product?
Version 3.1 is beta - freeware
Version 3.0 is stable - paid/trial

When you attempt to update the beta(3.1) it will revert to stable(3.0).

You should disable the "notify me when new version is available"
Go to file - setting - general.

You also bookmark the thread @SHvFl just posted to know when an update to the beta is available.
This is all until version 3.1 is deemed stable by the developers.


thanks man....wanted to test it out in the place of voodooo
NVT ERP - user can define vulnerable processes and add them to list. VooDooShield only has hard-coded list.

If you learn about vulnerable processes, then you can use NVT ERP to great effect to protect your system.

VooDooShield has some innovative features, but I think it will be another year before they get it all sorted out...

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Whats all the fuss about NoVirusThanks? Never used it before... Is it any good,, and what it actually does?
ExeRadarPro from NVT is the best anti-executable ever created in term of granularity.
Unfortunately its development slowed a lot since the devs are creating another softs even more powerful but not yet user frienly.


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the download link is not working.
where can I get the freeware version?
their site only has 30-day trial version
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