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Apr 25, 2013
NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool v3.3

NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool is a free and easy to use application designed to allow users to generate the file checksum (MD5/SHA1 hash) of a file or string. It can be very useful to check if an executable file is legit, in other words, if it is the official release from the offical author. The hashing algorithms supported are: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512.

Key features and characteristics

+Computes MD5 or SHA-1 cryptographic hash values for a file
+Supports very large files of 4+ GB in size
+Add MD5 Checksum Tool to the Explorer Context Menu
+Drag & drop a file directly to the application window
+Fast file checksum generation with progress bar indicator
+Supports MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 hashing algorithms
+Computes MD5 or SHA-1 cryptographic hash values for a string
+Verify file checksum integrity comparing a file with an MD5 hash
+Quickly compare two files to check if they are different
+Scans a folder and compute file checksum on all files found
+Creates a file checksum report of all files present inside a folder
+The application can be translated into multiple languages
+Supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems
+Very lightweight in the memory and CPU usage

What's new:


+ Added a new language: Brazilian
+ Added a new language: Chinese Simplified
+ Added more variables in Scan Folder's filters
+ Added option to skip files marked as system files
+ Added option to skip files marked as hidden
+ Added option to skip files bigger than N MBs in size
+ Minor fixes and optimizations


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May 16, 2011
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