Nvidia adds FreeSync support to its GPUs, but not for all monitors


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Nov 10, 2017

FreeSync support is coming to Nvidia; at its CES event today, Nvidia announced the GSync-Compatible program, wherein it says it will test monitors that support the VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync protocol to ascertain whether they deliver a “baseline experience” comparable to a GSync monitor.

Coincidentally, AMD’s FreeSync utilizes the same VESA-developed implementation, meaning that several FreeSync-certified monitors will now be compatible with Nvidia’s 10- and 20-series GPUs.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on stage that the company has tested over 400 monitors, but only found 12 to be worthy of the “GSync Compatible” tag. These twelve FreeSync-certified displays are:

Those who have a GSync Compatible monitor will find GSync enabled by default with an upcoming driver update next week; those who don’t have a GSync Compatible monitor can, still, enable GSync if they so desire. Though, the company notes that it may not work – or have issues – with some monitors. Huang added that the company will continue to test several other monitors.

GSync, the company maintains, will still offer the best experience, as it puts every GSync-certified monitor through 300 tests judging its image quality. GSync Compatible monitors, though, expand GSync support to several more affordable options.

In short, while a GSync monitor will only deliver variable refresh rate in tandem with Nvidia GPUs, monitors utilizing VESA's adaptive sync implementation (FreeSync-certified monitors) will now work with GPUs from AMD, Nvidia, as well as the upcoming discrete GPUs from Intel.