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Well you’re right! AMD’s drivers have been a mess. But it’s not something they strive for! They are trying to do some impact and doing so using the best technology! and tell you what, time is running for nvidia as it did for intel . Anyway it’s gonna happen sooner or later! It’s not without a reason that nvidia rushed this whole thing!


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I have given up on AMD GPUs not because the hardware is bad but because their drivers always caused me problems. If they ever fixed that I'd use AMD or NVIDIA depending on whatever is the most cost effective.

As with protection software I'm a fanboy of no hardware manufacturer and will use the most cost/effective alternative that give me the least headaches.


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The only place where AMD drivers are better than Nvidia it's Linux (the AMD hardware architecture it's optimized for Vulkan and Linux uses Vulkan/OpenGL instead of DirectX), they recently got a nice FPS boost with ACO shaders and support accelerated video decoding on browsers (VAAPI) while Nvidia don't eating the CPU when playing 4K@60 videos.