A.I. News Nvidia CEO calls for “Sovereign AI” as his firm overtakes Amazon in market value


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Aug 17, 2014
On Monday, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said that every country should control its own AI infrastructure so it can protect its culture, Reuters reports. He called this concept "Sovereign AI," which an Nvidia blog post defined as each country owning "the production of their own intelligence."

Huang made the announcement in a discussion with UAE's Minister of AI, Omar Al Olama, during the World Governments Summit in Dubai. "It codifies your culture, your society’s intelligence, your common sense, your history—you own your own data," Huang told Al Olama.
The concept of each nation owning its own AI infrastructure is convenient for Huang and Nvidia because it would mean that the market for its AI-accelerating hardware products would span every country on the globe. Since the tech industry is possibly at the beginning of an adoption curve for deep learning AI applications, that could result in dramatic growth for Nvidia in the near future.

Relatedly, the market capitalization of Nvidia first overtook the market cap of Amazon on Monday before slipping behind again, making the two companies neck-and-neck for the fourth most valuable company in the US, behind Microsoft, Apple, and Google parent Alphabet. Reuters reported that when Nvidia first overtook Amazon, it held a stock value of $734.96 per share Monday morning, making Nvidia worth $1.82 trillion in market value versus $1.81 trillion for Amazon. As of this writing, the two companies are still close in value, with Nvidia again in the lead.

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