Which office suite do you refer for Linux?

  • Softmaker Office 2016

  • WPS Office 2016

  • LibreOffice

  • Google Docs (Online Only)

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If you are a heavy spreadsheet creator, using special characters, then you will find WPS spreadsheets quite quirky\buggy.

If you just need WPS for basic activities, then it is OK and should meet your needs.

WPS at 50 % off Lifetime license is not a bad deal at $39.95; it sure beats $400 for Microsoft Office 2016 Professional...

In my experience, WPS is the most compatible of the alternative office suites with Microsoft Office.

That being said, if you open a highly customized document, spreadsheet, etc - then you might still have to fix formatting that is not rendered the same as the original document.

WPS Free met my needs for a very long time - only recently did I have the need to use some special characters in a spreadsheet.

However, I've only used WPS on Windows.

The best option is to trial each one, and then decide.


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WPS is so far the good alternative for the hefty price of Microsoft Office, the basic components are already capable to make good documents.

Here's the few reminder:

  • Save your document as .doc instead of .docx in WPS, since Microsoft Office will show buggy format when you save the document in .docx. WPS is not yet optimize fully on that case.
  • Be wary on the print view function because of watermarked compare on other free products which it does not have.

Evjl's Rain

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I use WPS in all my devices if possible except windows, I use microsoft
WPS has everything I need and it probably has the fastest speed compared to other office solutions I have tested so far in iOS and android


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I prefer Google Docs much more than others, but the fact that it cannot create document offline is the reason why it's not in the poll :(


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I use LibreOffice in Linux, it works so well I have not had to try the rest
so I can not give a comparison as you would like. ;)


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A few alternative options

With a Microsoft account you can still use the Online version of Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Sway) for free - saved to OneDrive.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on Android and iOS are full featured and completely free on devices with a screen size under 10.1 inches.

Google Docs can be used offline on supported web browsers, but limited functionality vs its online version of Docs.

Phil Cummins

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Why is it when I go to www.wps.com and click on "WPS Office for Linux", I get redirected to a "WPS Community" page on which only the older version, 10.1 is offered. Does WPS really support a version for Linux? Is version 10.2 available for Linux, and if so where can I download it?


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I don't know that there is any product fully compatible with MS Office. Even Office 365 online has poor compatibility with Office documents and flat out won't attempt to display some assets, directing you to open offline (pretty sad, actually).