For the next 5 years, which ecosystem would you use?

  • Apple

  • Google

  • Microsoft

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Welcome to the One Ecosystem.

For this thread I want you to explore the possible options listed below, that theoretically you will be using for the next 5 years.

The Contenders:

  1. Apple
    • Mac OS X
    • iOS (iPhone and iPad Pro) + iWatch
    • Apple TV + Apple Music + iTunes
    • Safari (browser)
    • Pages, Numbers, KeyNote
    • Mail ( for email)
  2. Google
    • Chrome OS
    • Android (Nexus) + Wear
    • Googe Play + Chromecast
    • Chrome (browser)
    • Google Docs (Online and Offline)
    • (Online and Offline)
  3. Microsoft
    • Windows 10 Pro
    • Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia) + Band
    • Xbox + Groove
    • Edge (browser)
    • Office 365
Plus all natively developed apps and premium services by either Apple, Google or Microsoft. For the purpose of this thread, there is no other option available. Please think carefully about your decision and provide a meaningful reason for your choice.

Comments such as it's better, it has more apps or no viruses aren't considered a benefit.
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What I will use:
Windows 10 for PC. Google/Android for mobile. I have been using them for a long time, and starting from scratch would be a pain. I already have far too much invested into Google Drive.

If I could start over and choose just one ecosystem, I would use:
Apple. OS X is a phenomenal operating system. iOS not only keeps getting better as a mobile OS, but their phones are also becoming better (with the exception of the iPhone SE). Safari, more than Edge on Windows 10, is the snappiest browser and my favourite to use on OS X. Pages, Numbers and KeyNote would take some getting used to, but I'd imagine that it is no different from Office. Office provides familiarity, nothing extra.

Special mention for Chrome OS. Nothing wrong with it, it is on the rise and soon it will be a good contender, but not quite yet.


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Difficult decision, as I cherry-pick out of all 3 atm.
I voted for Apple however, as I rely on them by using iPhone 5s, iPod Classic (the 80 GB one, looks terrible but works like on the 1st day), and an iPod Shuffle for running. Happy iTunes user. AppleTV? I don't know, my maybe 5 years old Samsung TV is good enough to stream via Amazon (Sony PS4 as the Samsung Smart Browser is crap) and watch via cable.
Haven't tried Apple Music so far, as I've a unlimited subscription to Napster with my current mobile contract till Christmas this year.

However, I could imagine dropping Windows 10 and move to OSx completely, I love the look of those MacBooks Pro.
I would however stick to Chrome, as it's much more comfortable than Safari (can only speak about the iOS one, I hate it, but you can set it to Private Mode, no idea if this is possible now in the more current Chrome Mobile). I hate Edge in his current state.

Regarding Mail, I've all 3, I love the free OneDrive (I lately got an mail from M$ that they don't downgrade my drive, as I were quick enough to do those survey or whatever back in time, there was a thread on that in this forum, thx a lot for that, would have missed that otherwise maybe). So I would not bother dropping all but the Apple thing.

I don't know whether SoftMaker Office Pro 2016 would be allowed on any of these, but that would be my office pack of choice (does Apple have something like M$ office? I know M$ has a version for Mac). - EDIT 2: According to their page, they only Support Android, M$ and Linux, so let's drop that one :)

Me wouldn't bother with those wearables, afraid that they break easily and batteries get low very soon. Have a old school IceWatch, good enough. For running, I don't use anything but Asics, the iPod shuffle and some running clothes.

PS Elements + Google Nik Software will work like a charm on OSx, too, I'm sure :)

EDIT: Great thread @Huracan :)
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For Apple, I only have an iCloud account. I do not own an Apple device, I just made an account via my brothers iPhone 4. Being that I don't actually have a use for it yet, it's no significant reason to chose the Apple ecosystem.

For Google, I use Google Chrome on both computer and Android, I use Android on phone and tablet, I use YouTube and their Gmail service (not nearly as much as years before). Google has a stronghold on my usage but it is not something I could deal without.

Microsoft is the ecosystem I would chose. I've been using Windows Operating systems since around 7 years old, I could not live without my Xbox - it is the only way I can afford to play modern games without breaking the bank from purchasing, upgrading, and buying games. It's reliability can not be compared to neither can its controller. I use Outlook email for Xbox and Microsoft related services so it is (needless to say) very important. OneDrive (while I don't current use it) was a huge help in keeping my files from being lost if anything happened to my system.

While I don't currently use OneDrive, I also don't use Google Drive or iCloud storage. The only reason I use an Android phone again is due to where I live. Verizon (the only carrier with service in the mountain areas) did not have a cheap Lumia until later this year. I don't use my phone for anything other than email, SMS, or calls (which I don't use very often). Tablet wise, Android is best suited for what I need it for. YouTube, Funimation (anime streaming service), etc.

So again, I'd have to chose Microsoft ecosystem. Without it, I'd be quite bored and would have never had an interest as I do now in IT.

Just for the sake of honorable mentions, I'd rather have a iPhone over an Android phone. And I certainly wouldn't mind having a Mac or Macbook alongside a Windows PC. I've always liked the elegance and look of Apple software. A little over my head in price range however. Chromebook would replace my need for an Android tablet (which would be welcomed - I hate touch screens). For what you get (and factoring in it's a laptop that you can install Windows/Linux on - at least on some of them) the price is pretty low.


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this my opinion:
I didn't have any apple device but I have iCloud account and hackintosh (in VM). Keynote is jewel from Cupertino and I love apple UI.
However, it's zealot environment make me reluctant to have it's device. Synchronization among apple products are great too.

Google platform benefit from it cloud ability across multiple platform. I hope android and chrome OS will merge (or at least support each other). Multi tasking/multi windows is least developed feature in android/chrome (compare to apple and windows). Google products are "cheaper" than others

Windows killer feature is Microsoft office suit and its productivity apps. There is no learning curve for using windows. However, synchronization isn't great here. Its mobile ecosystem lack apps and attention. Windows arguably is most popular ecosystem.

So, I bet on google in near future and choose windows right now :)
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