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One of the biggest things I've done is to limit the number if apps that have advertising SDK's, because they have the same permissions as the app does. As a result, I've paid for pro versions, and or, the apps are free, & ad free, open source (which I donate to). So out of 160+ apps, only a couple have ads, like TuneIn.

Boost+ on HTC devices can turn off ads. It controls how many apps are shut down (almost all not used recently) either always, after 3 days, or never. Also it has pattern lock for apps which I use selectively.

There are some things I do, or apps I use, selectively. Some run automatically scanning in the background.

Lastly, but not least, I gave Google Play Protect enabled. There is a new shortcut on playstore update page. Not only does it scan playstore apps, but sideloaded apps from outside sources like F-Droid, XDA, GitHub, APK Mirror, etc.

Malwarebytes has new and improved scanning for ransomware that's very intriguing. The claim is that it can detect changes, or mutating files after installs. However, they gave gone to a Premium ($12 year) / Freemium program. However, Sophos is completely free, and very comprehensive, with some fantastic Cloud scanning of their own. Plus, they have free home security software too.
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