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A new ransomware family specifically targeting users of the Fortnite game is based on the open source Hidden-Cry malware, Cyren’s security researchers have discovered.

Dubbed Syrk, the newly discovered ransomware is attempting to monetize on the popularity of the game by masquerading as a game hack tool for Fortnite. Once executed, the malware starts encrypting files on the victim’s machine, appending the .Syrk extension to them.

Analysis of the malware, Cyren explains, has revealed that the threat is, in fact, the open-source Hidden-Cry that adds a different extension to the encrypted files.

The ransomware attempts to trick users into paying the ransom as soon as possible by deleting files every two hours, but Cyren’s researchers believe victims can recover these files and that they can also decrypt the encrypted data without paying the attackers.