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A new stable build of the Opera web browser got to see daylight this morning on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

While no new release notes are available at this point, the developing team has decided to push the 17 Next version to the stable channel, which most likely means that it managed to fix all bugs and performance issues found in the pre-release build.

Since it’s a stable version, Opera 17 is now expected to provide a bug-free experience on all supported operating systems, so make sure you update your beta build to the new release as soon as possible.

As far as Windows is concerned, Opera 17 can be installed on all versions still supported by Microsoft, starting with the aging XP and ending with the upcoming 8.1.

Download Opera Web Browser 17.0.1241.45 for Windows

Download Opera Web Browser 17.0.1241.45 for Mac OS X



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Are they going to get back bookmark bar in Opera 18, I read it somewhere but till now I didn't find any official note that it's going to be implemented.. :(
IMO,it really sucks without bookmark bar


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Contemplating on removing Opera, because it's also provides Online Advertising.