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Changes in Opera 32.0.1948.12 Beta:

  • DNA-34976 Name input with data in autofill edit dialog looks ugly ☣
  • DNA-42022 Deleting settings about fullscreen exceptions doesn’t change the behavior ☣
  • DNA-42104 [Mac] Crash on clearing camera and mic settings when another prompt is present ☣
  • DNA-42189 Escape doesn’t clear search field in bookmarks manager ☣
  • DNA-42207 Speeddials anomalities in Opera 31
  • DNA-42246 [Windows 10] Scheduled task is not created by installer
  • DNA-42249 Default apps windows displayed during the upgrade of Opera
  • DNA-42549 Crash on visiting site with self-signed certificate with cert installed in cert-store ☣
  • DNA-42575 [Mac] Window opened from the full screen opens in presentation mode
  • DNA-42720 [Win] BBC’s HTML5 iPlayer doesn’t work
  • DNA-42721 [Mac] Opera crashes when closing opera:settings source view
  • DNA-42764 [Mac] Crash on opening a new window with opened sidebar
  • DNA-42767 [Win] Crash on opening a new window with opened sidebar
  • DNA-42773 Handle root files’ update in patch packages
  • DNA-42886 [Mac] Crash in -[ToolbarController updatePageActionsVisibility] when closing private window


Opera 32.0.1948.25


-General and user interface changes
- Spice up your Speed Dial with animated themes.
- Sync your passwords between computers and better manage what data you sync with advanced settings.
- Bookmark pages more easily with an improved heart menu and better find and organize your bookmarks with a new tree view in the bookmark manager.

- Improvements
- Improved design for toolbars in Mac.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 45.
- Enhanced support for Chromium desktop capture API.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.
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