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Released: Opera 37.0.2178.43

* [Mac] Localize Opera’s display name
* HiDPI: extension icons scaled incorrectly
* [Adblock] YouTube videos are not marked as ‘watched’
* [CAT] crashes on content::GpuMessageFilter::OnEstablishGpuChannel
* [Mac] AdBlockerAutoUpdateTests.testBasicAdBlockerAutoUpdate test fails
* [Youtube Preview] [Mac] Detached video out of screen
* [SP] Can’t edit page title if G search bar is off and there’s one row of SDs
* Random crash in url_matcher::SubstringSetMatcher::Match via ChromeNetworkDelegate::IsBlockedByAdblocker
* Support new adblocker rules format on stable branch
* chrome://startpage page in speed dial title caused by RateOpera is not defined error

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