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This is our weekly Opera developer update with some UI fixes and other improvements.

All the changes and fixes:

66.0.3480.0 – 2019-10-22
  • CHR-2879 Bookmarks sync using Chromium sync protocol.
  • DNA-78457 Crash at aura::WindowTreeHost::DispatchKeyEventPostIME(ui::KeyEvent*, base::OnceCallback)
  • DNA-78861 Refactor extension APIs to use TabStripModel rather than PageViewCollection
  • DNA-79879 No accessiblity title for option menu button in bookmarks panel
  • DNA-80049 The upper border of “Add to bookmarks bar” popup is cut off in white mode
  • DNA-81132 [Mac] Implement hover state for all buttons on toolbar
  • DNA-81134 Update hover state of ‘delete from history’ button in dropdown
  • DNA-81490 ContinueOnBookingBrowserTest.* and ContinueShoppingOnAmazonBrowserTest.* crash
  • DNA-81538 Testing History in Panel iteration2
  • DNA-81610 Fix the DraggedTabView look for the startpage
  • DNA-81656 [WinLin] Change font weight of font in address field to ‘normal’ (400 or 500)
  • DNA-81664 Show collapsible list of trackers blocked on current site
  • DNA-81666 Download and cache Disconnect services list
  • DNA-81704 [Win] Wrong color of certificate popup OK button when system dark mode is enabled
  • DNA-81716 Remove MenuController::Observer
  • DNA-81723 Reduce generating time of histogram_descriptions.json
  • DNA-81733 Synchronize the extension state with corresponding SidebarAction
  • DNA-81743 InProcessBrowserTest overrides SetUpOnMainThread()
  • DNA-81758 Options from easy setup panel open Start page
  • DNA-81774 [Mac] VPN icon doesnt change its state unless it’s hovered
  • DNA-81793 [Mac] Wrong color of icons in private light mode
  • DNA-81804 Plus button is too low
  • DNA-81853 Crash at views::View::SchedulePaintInRectImpl(gfx::Rect const&)

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