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Hi, it’s a new Opera Stable update with some crash fixes.

  • DNA-79691 Unable to play video on Netflix right after Opera installation
  • DNA-82102 Wrong cursor and X color of the search fields on Bookmark/History sidebar panels
  • DNA-82722 Google Translator blocks PDF viewer
  • DNA-83407 Crash at static void `anonymous namespace”::pureCall()
  • DNA-83530 Bad colors in Personal news when dark theme turned on
  • DNA-83531 Dragging speed dial root folders in bookmarks sidebar makes duplicates
  • DNA-83542 Fix background tabs loading issues
  • DNA-83806 Crash at opera::RichHintDisplayHandlerViews::OnWidgetDestroying(views::Widget*)
  • DNA-83882 Crash at base::Value::Clone()
  • DNA-84007 Accessibility elements visible on pages after first navigation on Mac

The full changelog can be found here.

Installation links:

Source: Opera 66.0.3515.72 Stable update - Blog | Opera Desktop


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Installed. (y) :coffee:

The Blog link is actually a great source for more information from users about possible not solved issues. Scroll down.
But that info about issue with the video pop-out ain't true, not as any general issue anyway as it works flawless on my system.