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Aug 17, 2014
Source: Opera browser gets Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music support - gHacks Tech News

by Martin Brinkmann on November 18, 2020 in Opera

Opera Software released a new version of the company's Opera desktop browser to the public today. Opera 72.0 Stable is all about music, or more precisely, integrating some of the most popular music services directly in the browser.

Opera users may control music playback directly from the sidebar, and Opera Software believes that this is more comfortable than having to control playback from a browser tab or a standalone application.

The integration uses Opera's sidebar implementation that has been expanded widely in recent releases. This year, Opera Software integrated direct access to Instagram and Twitter to the sidebar, complementing the already available Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messenger services.

The music player integration works similarly but it is grouped together under a new player icon in the sidebar. A click on the icon displays the supported services -- Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music -- and a click on a service opens the site of the service in the sidebar.


All that is left then is to sign-in to an account or create a new account, and start using the service from the sidebar. Music playback is controlled from the sidebar, but options to use media keys if supported are also available.

Opera Software designed the player with other web activity in mind. If a user plays a video or other audio in open browser tabs, sidebar music playback is paused automatically and resumed automatically when the video or audio stream.

Users have full manual control over music playback as well. All it takes is to hover over the music player icon in the sidebar to get controls and information about the song that plays currently.

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