Opera 81 introduces Reader Mode for a better Reading Experience


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Aug 17, 2014
Reader Mode: Finally, Opera Sofware is launching it with Opera 81 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, available in the dev channel as of now.

How to use Reader Mode in Opera on Desktop​

1. Visit an eligible webpage, when the book icon appears in the address bar, click on it

2. This loads the web page in a readable format.

clutter free web page available to read

3. You can improve your reading experience even further:

Click on customize appearance, select font from Sans-serif, Serif, and Monospace, choose a dark theme or sepia or continue using the default, drag the slider from small to large until you feel comfortable with text size on the screen.

customize Opera Reader Mode
controls to customize reader mode appearance
To exit Reader Mode, click on the book icon in the address bar again.

As of now, for Reader Mode, Opera doesn’t offer keyboard shortcuts, menu options, and settings, expect them to appear in future updates.

The feature is available by default in the Dev version, here is how you can enable it Opera 79 stable version.

How to Enable Reader Mode in Opera 79 stable now​

1. Visit opera://flags/#enable-reader-mode

Enable Reader Mode flag Opera

2. Select Enabled from the drop-down and restart Opera browser.

3. Visit a supported webpage, click on Opera menu >Page > toggle reader mode

You can access the Reader mode styling menu by clicking the A icon.

The Opera Reader Moder features are powered by Dom Distiller, which Chrome uses for its Reader Mode.

Opera shows a book icon in the address bar when a page supports Reader mode, you can exit by clicking the same icon.