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Opera for iOS beta for iPhone

Please note that this beta version will replace your existing Opera Mini version on your phone.


How It Works?
  1. Download TestFlight from the App Store and install it on your device.
  2. Open this email in Safari or the Mail app on your iOS device and tap the "Start Testing" button.
  3. In the TestFlight app, tap the "Accept" button next to Opera to accept the end-user terms and conditions.
  4. Open the Opera beta and have fun.
  • We only share your email address with Apple in order to make TestFlight testing possible. We will only use this address to send you information about testing Opera.
  • Because of Apple and Test Flight configurations, we must limit the amount of testers to 2,000. If you don't install Opera beta, your testing subscription will be cancelled. If this happens and you'd like to become a tester again, you will need to reapply.

More Info about Apple TestFlight - TestFlight Beta Testing - App Store - Apple Developer

"The TestFlight app allows testers to install and beta test apps on iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices. Testers must receive an invite directly from a developer first before they can begin testing with TestFlight. Once invited, testers can redeem invitations in TestFlight to install, test, send valuable feedback, and get updates for the beta app.

Note: TestFlight itself does not allow for discovery of beta apps."