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With the release of the new Chromium-based Opera, the Norwegian developer dislocated the mail component from the web browser and provided it as a standalone product.

Today, the company rolls out the first stable build for their email client; it remained as simple as before as the modifications available in this standalone version are quite subtle.

As such, the layout and the main features users were accustomed to in the built-in client from the browser have been preserved.

There is the tabbed interface that allows quick and easy access to multiple messages; it still incorporates a feed reader to fetch news from your subscriptions.

Furthermore, messages can be viewed in threads, which makes for easy tracking of a conversation. One thing that’s new is the availability of the “Contacts” button in a more prominent position.

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ya, they are going Mozilla way, and making two different products like Firefox and Thinderbird.....


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But atleast mozila provides a option like seamonkey.
But i dont like seamonkey due to its old look,opera looks like star,i mostly use it for mail & rss feed because its user friendly interface you click the link & links are open in same browser,but in thunderbird may be it is not possible or may be there is add ons but i really don't use too many times thunderbird.
But yesterday i downloaded new opera so lets see whats the new in this.
Thanks for link.


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i personally think that as Opera is going Chrome way[Blink Engine] , and Chrome does not comes with mail, so Opera just separated mail and browser, because may be that will be tough for them to join both codes first time ???


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Opera 15 is a new browser, could take some time before it's integrated (if it's even possible?). Maybe the devs have an explanation why this couldn't be done? Or if it can, users better start nagging them. :p