Which browser would you choose between: Opera or Vivaldi?

  • Opera browser

    Votes: 31 48.4%
  • Vivaldi browser

    Votes: 33 51.6%
  • Total voters


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I will go to Opera

  • Simple, reliable and fluid
  • The performance can handle very well even in such heavy workload that works on Opera
  • Few crashes on the browser.
Vivaldi is fine also however because of minor issues about slowdowns and something heavy; thus some people may think about it.


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Vivaldi for me. It is exactly what Opera was long ago. Like askmark said, Opera is a dead project.

VPNs need a lot of infrastructures and i doubt that, that FREE VPN in Opera, that many think is a game changer is a reliable one. And nothing impressive with an integrated adblocker, there are a lot better that you can add to your browser.

Vivaldi is still less fluid and a bit heavy. But it is becoming better with each major update.


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I like the Vivaldi (visual) customization, but it needs to work a bit more on other things, so I prefer Opera, it's lightweight and its performance is above the rest (especially at speed on opening pages)
But I'm anxious is by the project Opera Neon, this sim will be the browser :)
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Vivaldi for me. It's the "true'' Opera.Tons of features and customizations to make the browser to your taste. It has almost everything that Opera does not have.
Opera,with a free VPN and an adblocker it's not a big deal.VPNs need a great deal of maintenance and support.And also,if you use a Vpn only in your browser,your other apps installed on your Pc are still leaking your IP and information about you.So what level of privacy does Opera's Vpn offer?I don't know, but it should not be a great one.Mostly some kind of marketing strategy to attract users.It was integrated at a time when Opera was having financial difficulties and was going to be bought.


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I will choose Vivaldi, cause have a lot feature out of the box that very useful such as hibernate tab, group (stack) tab, tiling tab, and hibernate tab without use 3rd party extension.


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If you want more UI sided browser then Vivaldi is best. Sometimes, while loading web pages, I feel little lag.
Otherwise, for good browser experience use Opera very smooth, stable and fast with good features, e.g. They have youtube player pop-out feature like in Safari in Mac which is very amazing and works like a charm.