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easiest way to get rid of ads in utorrent free is by using this tool:
Pimp my uTorrent : An angular.js application that removes the ads in uTorrent with a single click
nice to know about that tool,but i will stick to this old version as it's doing the best atm.

Good config buddy!

About torrents, when i used to have in my home PC client, it was ,,,well i don't remember when i start it, but utorrent 2.2.1 was it build 25302 or something, was best and yes you got selected what files u down. And if speed is good, you can tweak a little diskoverloading settings and other. Only thing is, it is bit old. But good alternative is qbittorrent. Nowadays i use mine own "cloudcastle". Which included 4x4tb space and everythin what i needed. Rtorrent for torrenting, when rarely use it and stream and watch those over bigsea or moved with sftp-connections my home.

But,well little bit offtopic :p As i said , good config :)

Edit: Sound like u are a bit "part time semi-paranoid" like i am, so i little confusing this config og yours => Browser: Google Chrome Preferred Search Engine: Google ,,,,maybe ixquik or ddg searh engine and browser brave/CID or if over paranoid Tor and so on.
Thanks alot mate :)
yes that's exactly the version i'm using.
qbit and rutorrent is great too,rtorrent used for many seedboxes it's very easy to use,stable and fast.
but has many problems with disk overloading...

About pc,yes i become so paranoid after i saw in some companies[cyber etc] when i was on my job,
how they easily hacking computers and doing crazy stuffs..
and also how peoples creating keyloggers and crypting them so the best antivirus even kaspersky cant mark them as threat for the first days,or when the user doing computer scan and upload the files as unknown to check.

about chrome,i like it because only keyloggers/trojans with special feature can record your keystrokes..
if they are not making this special option,all they will get is: "**** **** *****"
but i dont know how it's working when the user using brave/palemoon,etc...

thanks for recommend about the search engine,i will give a try for both of them :)

yes, that one. I think it's not compatible woth my windows 10
Try run the old version as windows 7/XP,with default settings.
and before you uninstall the new version & install the old version,make full backup of ur utorrent [its on %appdata% - utorrent folder]
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