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Panda Cloud Cleaner scans:
• It scans processes and modules loaded into memory
• It scans folders where malware usually hides
• It scans registry entries modified by malware to load at startup

Panda Cloud Cleaner DOESN´T scan:
• It doesn’t do a full system scan
• It doesn’t let you choose the folders to scan
• It is not an on-access scanner

Key features:
• New tool specifically designed to remove spyware, rogue malware and all types of viruses.
• Light and easy to use.
• Updated in real time thanks to Panda’s Collective Intelligence.
• Faster response to active malware in the Panda community.
• Ability to work in standalone mode (not connected to the Internet) with particularly aggressive malware.

Tony Cole

Level 27
Is it something you can add to your software to scan the system every month or so, i.e., HitmanPro, Malwarebytes?


Level 2
I love it...
Version 1.1.5. working just fine and you can scann what ever you like!
Advanced Boot scann for rootkits, normal scann, individual scann...all working fine and looking good ;)
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