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The Good
It's available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The interface blends well with the Windows 10 look and its options are easy to find. Any module can be disabled and tiles can be removed from the console.

The parental control and firewall components worked smoothly in our tests. The data shield immediately reacted when unknown programs tried to access the protected folders.

It has a comprehensive help manual that explains most parts of the program.

The Bad
As previously mentioned, Panda shows a notification message for the data shield module whenever an unknown application tries to access the protected directories, and it asks you what to do: allow or deny. However, although it doesn't inform you of this, it remembers the choice you make for that process, adds it to the permissions list, and sets its permission type. This means that it will automatically allow or deny access to that program whenever it tries to access the protected folders, until you go to the console panel to revert settings. In other words, Panda doesn't implement two options in the tray message for allowing/denying access only once and always.
The application control module worked well in our tests when denying access to programs that were on the list. However, it didn't prompt us for action whenever an unknown application tried to run, and it didn't deny access when we asked it to do this automatically, except in one case: when we tried opening Panda's virtual keyboard. Plus, just like in the case of the data shield, Panda doesn't have two options for allowing/denying access only once and always.

The safe browsing component missed a few phishing websites in our tests.

It took 8 hours to scan a 2.36GB folder with infected files in our tests (the scanner was a lot faster on different parts of the computer afterward). It had a malware detection ratio of roughly 77%.

While the real-time guard was enabled and Panda was idle, other running applications had a slower response time on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

On a minor note, it's not possible to create, edit or delete categories in parental control.

The Truth
Panda Internet Security was difficult for us to test due to the previously described issues. It seems like the developers focused so much on the new look and extra security features that they lost track of Panda Internet Security's main mission: speedy and effective anti-malware protection. We can only hope that the software program gets better in future revisions.


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