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Want to have a tailor-made security solution? Now you can.

With Panda, you'll be protected and have the ability to add and remove security features so that you ONLY pay for the things you use and need.

As always, your opinion is very important to us, so we want you to be the first to try it out.

You can download the beta from Free antivirus software under development - Panda Security

Additionally, would you like to turn it into an ADVANCED version, with extra protection and features?
You just have to use this activation code: ADVANCEDBETA

Finally, would you also like to have computer cleanup and maintenance features?
Enable the product's PC Tuneup feature with this activation code: CLEANUPBETA

This is all we can show you right now, but soon we'll have more new features for you. We'll let you know so you can try them out!

As always, you can send any questions or bugs to this BETA FORUM. We'll be happy to chat with you.
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So is this panda protection the same as what Zemana has? Will Zemana also gain from this?


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Had pretty bad experiences with stable versions of Panda, would be terrified to install their beta.
Been using the 2016 version for about 8 months, it's a very light product and it's detection rate is quite impressive. Protection against dangerous links and PUP hosts is one of the best i think. And it's behavioural protection is also very good. On the minus side, the interface has always been a bit slow to respond. Lets hope that in the 2017 version they correct that.:)


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Hello! I'm using Panda Protection Beta with activated ADVANCEDETA key, which is basically a Panda Antivirus Pro. What can I say - this program, just like stable version, is extremaly light for PC. I believe it's one of the lightest AV's. It eats more RAM and CPU only straight after Windows boot, then it uses 20-25MB of RAM and nearly none of CPU, I believe. The full scan takes much time unfortunately. Antivirus Pro has few nice features. For example, it has Application Control, which is some kind of HIPS, I believe.

I'm running now Panda along with Zemana AntiLogger (was lucky to get lifetime license!) and, so far, no problems at all. Somebody can say: "But there are many AV's with better detection than Panda". Yes, but Panda still isn't as bad in terms of detection + it has great URL protection and quite good PUA/PUP detection. Why am I saying this? Because I have installed it not for me. I don't need an AV at all, I'm safe without it. But my family isn't as careful and experienced as me. So I wanted to provide an automatic and light antivirus with good basic protection and I believe Panda gives that. And with working Zemana AntiLogger in the background, another easy-use software, I hope that my family is pretty safe.
Of course it's beta, but everything seems to be working fine, I believe there aren't many changes under-hood in compare to stable version.

Wow, it's a long post... Sorry about that. Just wanted to give a detailed feedback. :)