Panda Security 2016 available

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Gotta love the new user interface...
Yeah, the new user interface is way better than the previous one. I just dont like the "Need more protection" on the main GUI... I mean "Upgrade to pro" is there on the top of the main GUI then why the heck another need more protection thingy?

Any info on the ads/popup? For previous version some users had mention disabling "Panda news" in settings disables ads/popups... is it the same with Panda 2016 free?

How is the protection?
Is the Behavior Blocker effective?

I use to recommend/install Avast free for users who find CIS not easy to use. I am thinking of recommending/installing Panda free now as its close to clean software i.e no bloats... but dont have any experience of Panda free, its protection, etc...

Another clean software is 360TSE. Protection seems good but FP prone & quite a few users dont want me to install any products from China on their system.

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Dec 21, 2014
I've used Panda 2015 free on many dozens of units. Only one unit had an install problem. I find it effective and very low in resource usage. Will try the new package out. Hope it's as good.


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Mar 15, 2011
@yesnoo : For number of process I might to be mistaken since I've rely on the Panda Cloud which my brother install on Desktop (Windows XP).

For clarification, yes a toolbar is need to be install but you may uncheck the search engine provider. Test with Google Chrome and few others which are not holding to appear toolbar but web protection is exist.

How to Install Panda Free Antivirus 2015
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