Which one would be better?

  • Easeus

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • Paragon

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Other (state below)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Total voters
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Well, both are good :)
Really hard to choose, but upper hand goes for selected Paragon since it has some basic partitioning options which EASEUS doesn't have.
When installed on host machine the features are almost the same except partitioning and Paragon has some
  • P2V Migration - Clones an existing software environment into a virtual disk. Migrate a physical system to a virtual environment by converting all installed software and data into a virtual disk of the required virtual machine.
  • P2V Adjust OS - Recover the OS startup ability after an unsuccessful virtualization by a 3rd party tool.
but I do not use these.

EASEUS Emergency Disk can be based on Linux Environment but then I think it's has no option for backuping from a bootable media , and WinPE which has that option but you need to download Windows AIK which is large. Paragon on Linux Environment can do both things I think, so maybe better compatibility for drivers will go to the EASEUS side.

Again,one has something what other doesn't have, but both are good and reliable programs.

Aomei Backuper is also a good option :)
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