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Today, we are announcing the release of our fourth stable build of Paranoid Android Quartz. As always, we’ve worked hard to provide a stable experience across our entire device lineup, and this time we have focused on improve the security level of Paranoid Android, including a complete system wide app locker, which natively supports all kind of security methods for unlocking, as Face Unlock, Fingerprint on Display, physical fingerprint and pattern/pin/password. We’ve worked hard on implementing this feature, and make it work seamlessly following Material Design guidelines.
Quartz 4
Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, our new features list.

For this release we will have the following features:
  • July security patchset.
  • App Locker (system wide).
  • Swipe to Face Unlock on lockscreen.
  • Internal audio screenrecord support.
  • Full gestural navigation mode support.
  • Unlink ringtone and notification volumes.
  • Volume Panel version 1.1.
  • Heads Up tile.
  • USAP support.
  • Support for FOD dim only icon (OnePlus).
  • Longpress power button to enable torch.
  • Statusbar icons manager.
  • Fixed AAC codec support for all devices.
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Brilliant comeback for Paranoid Android, but currently happy using CorvusOS ROM 7.5 on Android. The performance of CorvusOS ROM is beastly.
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