Latest Changes
Mar 7, 2019
Operating System
Windows 10
Windows Edition
System Architecture
64-bit OS
Security Updates
Automatic Updates - All security and feature updates
User Access Control
No Dim Desktop
Windows Firewall - Network security provided by Microsoft
Device Security
Windows Defender SmartScreen (Windows 10)
User Account
Administrator - User has complete control over the device
Recent Security Incidents
No malware or privacy issues
Malware Testing
None - No Malware on host PC or VM
Real-time Web & Malware Protection
ESET NOD32 Antivirus Version (March 2019)
Glasswire Firewall Version 2.1.152 (Free Edition)
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection
Custom - Minor changes for Increased Security
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection Details
Very minor changes to ESET's settings to optimize speed & security
Virus and Malware Removal Tools
Emsisoft Emergency Kit, Malwarebytes, HitmanPro Portable & Zemana Antimalware
Browsers and Extensions
Google Chrome: uBlock Origin, Disconnect & HTTPS Everywhere

Firefox & Opera: uBlock Origin
Web Privacy
Password Management
Dashlane Password Manager
Default Web Search
System Utilities
SUMo (Software Update Monitor) & DUMo (Driver Update Monitor) & CCleaner
Data Backup
External HDD & Dropbox
Frequency of Data backups
System Backup
Weekly system image backups to external HDD using Macrium Reflect Free
Frequency of System backups
Computer Activity
Browsing Internet and email
Watch movies and other video content on the Internet
Download files from different sources
Computer Specifications
Build From 2015 :giggle:

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860k
Motherboard: MSI A68HM-E33
RAM: 2x4 DDR3 Running at 1866MHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti
Power Supply: EVGA 430W Bronze Rated Power Supply
Drives: Seagate 1TB HDD & Samsung 240GB SSD

Paul Lee

Level 9
Heya everyone, it's been a while since I updated my security config so I thought that there's no better time than the beginning of the year to do so. I'm always interested in everyone else's configs so I figured I would update mine. Any changes/recommendations are also welcome. Take care members of MT! :)


Level 27
All 4 layers are covered.
  • Web Browser: uBo
  • Backup: Dropbox
  • Realtime & other: ESET
  • Firewall: Default and Glasswire
My advice & other:
  • Add Scriptsafe to web browser
  • How are you finding Glasswire? Are you using free or paid?
  • Disconnect may not be needed whilst you already have uBlock Origin
Thanks for sharing!


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