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hello friends,

I did a fresh reinstall of Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit and under device manager i found an unknown device with some information (as shown in screenshot)

Laptop Model: HP Pavilion e015 tx

I did a search on HP website,and forums, but found nothing. and no corresponding driver is listed on the driver updates page either.

can i safely uninstall this driver ?

I want to uninstall this driver because lately my Windows 8.1 crashed (_PFN_list_corrupt error) and that was most probably due to a faulty driver.

Any suggestions?

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you can't uninstall it since it is not installed... you just have a device not recognized; so i suggest you to try all hardware you have until you find which one is inactive.

mostly it is a non-vital hardware like the card reader, bluetooth, webcam, etc...
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This issue is brought to be mysterious on lots of laptops with Windows 8 or perhaps other OS. (Mine is still exist and gave up) PCI Simple Communications or Root Complex Driver may cause of missing chip drivers or processor however may not work even install the drivers again.

Do you have any problem on your laptop like sounds, graphics or etc because if nothing persist this is just a minimal problem and ignore it sometimes all information you wanted to gather regarding that problem may only loop to that specific chip or processor thing.

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...тормозит при запуске и выключении .... выдаёт ошибки в этих процессах ПОСТОЯННО !!!


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We can try searching for what device or vendor associated with the unknown device.
We can try to look at

1. Clik 'Details' tab
2. Click the dropdown 'Property' menu.
3. Click on the 'Hardware Ids'
4. Write down or remember the value
5. Go to
6. Enter a value VEN (for vendors) or DEV (for the device) which we are looking.
7. Vendors search result.
8. Device search result.

From the result we can search and download driver from manufacturer site.

'PCI express root complex'
Some one reported it as onboard irDa port. (mainboard component)

My first suggestion is intall latest mainboard chipset drivers..or try disabling not needed device from BIOS.