New Update PDF Tool - Edit PDF files from your browser, with privacy integrated - No upload required


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Jan 8, 2011

Have you ever asked yourself what happens when you upload your PDFs to one of the many sites that offer PDF modifications on the internet? You should!

We modify your PDF files in your browser, no upload required.

  • Our service is free of any charge. Modify as many documents as you wish. We do not care if the files are big or small, it stays free for you.
  • Keep your sensitive data to yourself. Wether you are modifying banking statements, prescription or other critical documents, we have no access to it. Your valuable documents never leave your own device.
  • We use modern technology which allows us to offer this website to you. We are one of the first ones to do it this way.
    We know that websites on the internet promise a lot of stuff. You can try our promise by yourself. Load the webpage, disable your internet connection and start editing PDFs. You are gonna be surprised.
How does it work?
We use a technology called WebAssembly, which allows us to execute more complex logic, that is needed for the PDF modifications, inside of your browser. This way we are able to offer you functionality that runs directly on your device with reasonable performance and keeps your data to yourself.

Source: Developers original post and comments can be found here and here.

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