Q&A Phishing Protection — Comparing DNS Security Filters


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Jul 10, 2018
I am using Cisco Umbrella and CleanBrowsing (both paid) depending on the needs of my different systems. I have to say that Cisco Umbrella (paid OpenDNS Prosumer) has the best detection rates in my test, even better than CleanBrowsing.
You have to take into consideration that the free OpenDNS servers are not offering malware protection as Umbrella does.

So my vote goes to Cisco Umbrella & CleanBrowsing

Does the paid OpenDNS Prosumer block ads or give you to option to put filters/hosts that updates (ala pihole)


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Mar 7, 2019
You keep saying basically the same thing, but you don't offer anything more than opinion to back it up. Saying things like you don't need to filter for porn if you don't visit porn is flat out misguided as well. It is easy to redirect someone to a porn site and from there to deploy malware.

Web filtering serves a very real purpose by keeping one from accidentally wandering into the bad neighborhoods where you will be attacked. Of course it doesn't guarantee you'll be safe in other neighborhoods, nor is it failsafe. But it is very good practice. Sure, some people can be excessive and you call that out, but the other comments totally undermine your comments, IMHO.

That is just some number you came up with and it isn't accurate.

If you don't visit porn, then you don't have to filter for porn. A solution so simple that it is brilliant and orders of magnitude more effective than using multi-layered web content filtering.

I do a lot of really high risk surfing as part of my job, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that web content filtering adds next to nothing to overall protections.

Web content filtering is more important to the person's psychological state than to any really significant layer of protection.

People on the forums promote web content filtering but they don't know what they're talking about. That's what I am pointing out.

The worst are those that think somehow they will visit a website like MalwareTips, click on something, and then get re-directed to some webpage that looks like MT that unknowingly downloads and installs stuff in the background that will smash their system. There are so multiple layers of misunderstanding in such thinking.

Web content filtering is more likely to allow you to infect yourself than to save you. It's just not very effective. It is known for high false negatives. The disadvantages are numerous and high.
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