Advanced Plus Security plat's config for 2021

Last updated
Dec 7, 2021
How it's used?
For home and private use
Windows 10
On-device encryption
Log-in security
    • Biometrics (Windows Hello PIN, TouchID, Face, Iris, Fingerprint)
Security updates
Allow security updates and latest features
Windows UAC
Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer
Windows 11 SAC
Network firewall
Real-time security
Microsoft Defender
NoVirusThanks OSArmor with many rules enabled
Hard_Configurator Firewall Hardening
Sandboxie Plus for Edge browser
Firewall security
Microsoft Defender Firewall
About custom security
Additional rules ticked for OSA over and beyond default out-of-the-box
Custom firewall outbound rules for various apps.
SmartScreen for Edge and MS programs/downloads
Periodic malware scanners
HitmanPro (paid)
Jotti scanning UI (portable) rarely
Malware sample testing
I do not participate in malware testing
Browser(s) and extensions
Firefox Quantum
extensions: Skip Redirect, Trace, uBlock Origin | DDG search
Secure DNS
Cloudflare DNS
NextDNS for Firefox browser
Desktop VPN
Password manager
Browser-for non-financial
Offline--for financial
Maintenance tools
Windows inbuilt: System Maintenance and various command-lines
CCleaner (exe outbound blocked in firewall)
Microsoft Autoruns rarely
File and Photo backup
Some personal data in Google cloud
Manual backups to offline, enclosed Western Digital HDD. Disk is checked regularly for errors and bad blocks.
System recovery
Aomei Backupper Standard for static image only.
Image is to be refreshed w/most Windows version upgrades
Minimum yearly but prob. twice per year.
Risk factors
    • Browsing to popular websites
    • Browsing to unknown / untrusted / shady sites
    • Opening email attachments
    • Buying from online stores, entering banks card details
    • Logging into my bank account
    • Downloading software and files from reputable sites
    • Gaming
    • Streaming audio/video content from trusted sites or paid subscriptions
    • Streaming audio/video content from shady sites
Computer specs
Custom-built: i9 9900 | NVIDIA GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8 GB DDR5 | Samsung 980 Pro 500 GB M.2 nvm-e | 2x16 GB GSkill @3200mHz 16-18-18-38 | ASUS Prime Z390-A | Logitech G series mouse | Razer Huntsman mini RGB keyboard | Lenovo LED monitor 1920x1080p.
Notable changes
Removed Opera browser 3/27/2021
Reinstated PrivaZer donors' version 4/23/2021
Removed Trace ext. due to no recent updates :( 4/28/2021
Removed AdGuard --was contributing to minor system instab. 5/6/2021
Removed Sandboxie Plus 8/5/2021--too buggy and complicated atm
Reinstated: Trace extension into Edge and Firefox 😍 9/9/2021
Installed Sandboxie Classic for Edge browser. 9/16/2021 (how geeky)
Switched: Classic to Plus SBIE for better security 11/21/2021
Switched: PrivaZer to CCleaner for speed
Removed MS Edge and disabled Internet Explorer
Installed Vivaldi browser for evaluation 12/17/2021
What I'm looking for?

Looking for medium feedback.


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Sep 13, 2018
The coming year 2021 will see some significant changes in the hardware dept. specifically. We all prob. know what the hold-up is: NVIDIA? What is your problem? Get going with the restocking and stop enabling the scalpers. :mad:

Software-wise, I ditched TreeSize and EaseUS ToDo as it refused to back up my latest Windows build to my 64 GB USB like 3 times. Reformatted the USB and reset to defaults and everything--no cigar. So, switched to Aomei free and it imaged the C: drive without complaint and got it right the first time. Nothing else really changed. I use the Microsoft sign-in when it's related to the Insider build requirements.

This config enables the machine to run very rapidly and without faults. But, if there is something missing or incorrect, please comment and recommend. Thanks, everyone!


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Sep 13, 2018
Yes, this recommendation has been done before. I tried to live with it at "Always Notify" and didn't get thru one day with that enabled, it got on my nerves really badly, lol. I guess I tinker too much with Windows settings and install/deinstall too much software and whatnot.

But, UAC at max is a strong security setting, I realize that, even if I'm the sole operator of this computer. So, this is one reason why I run OSArmor. I hope this is a reasonable compromise. (y)



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Sep 13, 2018
Back to an "old" config that is refreshed and seems better than ever.

Firefox v. 87.0
Sandboxie Plus v. 0.7.3

Now, I was using the classic SBIE for several years and had gotten VERY used to it. So one is reluctant to change and clings to the familiar. But I was curious and installed this build of David Xanatos and after very little trouble and effort, got Firefox up and running in the default box.

Don't know how long I'll keep this but it's surprisingly good so far. Firefox opens almost instantly, as apposed to up to a 4-5 second delay with the older Sophos build. And the Sandboxie Control is still there! Yay!

The security aspect is great as SBIE doesn't seem to interfere with browser all. But, I installed SBIE because it makes me feel kind of smart when I get the hang of the basics. That's actually the real reason. :love:
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Sep 13, 2018
Wow, OK. So, Windows 11 itself was running fine, actually very good. That wasn't the issue per se. After watching my disk space gradually dwindle and that's not quite accurate. "Disappear" is more like it and nothing is showing in WinDirStat. System Restore OFF, hibernation OFF. The last straw was tonight when I uninstalled a 1.3 GB game and File Explorer had the gall to show me that my free space on C drive was actually less after the uninstall (439 GB before, 437 GB after). Huh? Something is whack-o there.

So now I'm on 19044.1348 (that's the most current Windows 10, right?). One unexpected perk: two of my old games that wouldn't run on W11 are running fine here. Think I'm going to stay with 10 for the time being. And no Insiders either.


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