Operating System
Windows 7
Infection date and initial symptoms
2 weeks ago, lately with the advent of some new hardware, the virus has gone crazy,
just today, i have had "one click opens new window from task bar" "perma cap lock" "mouse scroll wheel not working" "multiple times microsoft antimalware and Mbam detetecting dangerous viruses"
Current issues and symptoms
i have just restarted, and things seem to be fine, but I know the virus is still lurking. I do not see price-chop in my browser extensions anymore, but I know the virus is still on my computer somehow just copying itself.
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
I just ran a full scan of mbam, after updating it said it removed 121 instances of virus, mostly browser related stuff. and upon restard MSFT AMW, detected 3 or 4 major virus's to be removed. There are nice, but I need to secure my system completely now. As I know the virus still lurks.


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please help

started noticing heavy symptoms after using some new hardware
new hardware is
-wireless game receiver
-usb keyboard
i have ran frst64 and uploaded the files
also i will donate when complete thank you very much



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Scan with MGADiag

Need to check one more thing.
  • Please download MGADiag by Microsoft and save it to your desktop.
  • Double-click on
    icon to start the tool.
  • PressContinuewhen prompted.
  • When it has finished, press Copy.
  • Press the
    + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type Notepad and click OK.
  • Paste (Ctrl+V) this into notepad and save to your desktop.
Include that report in your reply.
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